Why Do I offer workshops? 

For almost as long as I remember, I've been teaching - everything from kids art camps to university classes, even ecstatic dance classes and spiritual discussion and meditation groups.  I love developing a train of thought, presenting it and examining it with a group of people. I particularly like it when my own personal experience allows me to offer a workshop topic that presents things in a different light. 

I know I've got something special when I find myself saying:

I wish someone had made a course about this back
when I was first learning about it. 

I've always been attracted to knowing more. I will dig and dig, and work and work until I understand a new concept, or system, or method of working and can see, and explain, how to do things differently. I especially like helping artists understand why things are the way they are in the art world, and how and where they can diverge from the well trodden path.

Current Offerings


The Art Licensing Roadmap

For artists who have heard about art licensing but have no clue of where to start. Taught ONLINE, for anyone, anywhere!


How to Exhibit Your Art
Like A Pro

In this two hour workshop participants will learn about different types of exhibition and gallery spaces, what kind of artist they are, how to submit their artwork for exhibition and helpful tips on how to get ready to exhibit their art.



Have a workshop topic idea?


I love devising new workshops and would love to hear from you. 

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