Katie Brennan Art Consulting

It feels like you’re supposed to be a certain kind of artist, right?

I’ve felt it too.

Heck, as an artist myself, I’ve learned the hard way that trying to be“right” kind of artist doesn’t really fit anyone.

Wouldn’t it be great to leave this idea behind?

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Hi, I’m Katie.

I'm an artist and art consultant who has mastered a balance between art and business, productivity and creativity, and having a foot in reality and dreaming sky high.

I offer art and career advice from an artist and
art consultant who’s been there.

I’ve gone from a formal art education (BFA & MFA), working in non-profit land, sporting a starving artist mindset to an art career where I call the shots, make good money and have great opportunities that find me.

I believe that there is NO RIGHT WAY way to be an artist. There is only the way of being an artist that is RIGHT FOR YOU.

One where making money is a not dirty word.

One that balances artistic excellence with finding success in the market.

One that reflects and aligns with your values and beliefs.

I’ll help you shape a career and artistic practice that you can be proud of; one that not only pays you, but also feeds and inspires your artistic soul.  



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Katie not only brings positive uplifting energy to each studio visit I have with her, she also brings an experienced artist’s efficient eye and the professional perspective of an art gallery curator.
— Kara Barkved, artist

She has a vision for the arts that brings people together in collaborations that invite and challenge artists to explore new territories and audiences as well.
— Alison Moore, Oomph Consulting

I must say, if there’s anyone who knows the concept of working with an artist through patience, sincere listening and the ability to offer sensible, professional advice, it’s her.
— Lori Mairs, artist

Katie challenges by asking questions and is all about growth, both professionally and personally. She is insightful and discerning – seeing into your work to help you clarify, for yourself, what you may have not been able to see.
— Destanne Norris, artist


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Being an artist is a way of seeing.
A way of thinking.
A way of approaching the world.
— Katie Brennan